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Infrared Inspection

infrared inspection

Infrared Inspection

Applications of IRT in Home Inspections

As a home inspector, it is your job to identify serious defects, but sometimes defects may be completely hidden in plain sight. When included in routine inspections, IR cameras can assist inspectors in identifying these hidden defects. Understanding the principles of IR and how to interpret data will help you create a more complete report.

Here is a list of some applications for IRT:

thermal imagery

·     Determine if insulation if lacking or deficient

·     Determine if there are any air-leaks or abnormalities in heat flowing out of a building

·     Determine if there is any moisture intrusion with insulation or other systems (when used with a moisture meter)

·     Determine if electrical systems are overloaded or overheating

·     Determine if there are leaks or defects with the roof

·     Determine defects with the HVAC system

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