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Rental Property Inspection

Rental Property Inspection

How can a GSI rental property inspection help protect you as the landlord?

rental property inspection

As a certified professional and insured residential property inspector we take on the liability of any missed items. We keep all records of our inspections and property condition for 10 years. Once we have done our initial rental property inspection you will always have a very detailed narrative on your property between renters. If performed before a new tenant and after you will have a better record of property condition to better mitigate any damages.

If you have long term renters we suggest a new inspection every 2-3 years depending on the age and condition of the property. We have years of experience doing inspections and in client relations. GSI makes it our priority to protect our clients and their properties.

We can work with tenants to find the best time to enter the property to do the inspection. Our reporting software keeps written and photo documentation of all main systems in your rental. This includes interior rooms (from all angles), Mechanical systems, all major appliances with both photo and video documentation. We will examine any visible electrical systems as well as test all available outlets. Depending on the type of the property (i.e. condo, house, apartment) our inspection will also include exterior features such as roof, outside cladding as well as all drainage systems and any visible exterior components.

Our initial inspection on the property runs at the same cost as our standard home inspection. All inspections after the initial inspection will be contracted at 20% OFF to show our appreciation to our clients. Check out our reviews from previous clients.

How can our inspection help you as a renter?

Tenant inspection

Our inspection if done prior to move in can clearly document the specific condition of the rental property. Why is this should this be important to you? When you go to move out we will redo the inspection process to show the property condition. This gives you legal and professional confirmation which can help getting your deposit back. We do unbiased third party inspections to ensure both the landlord and the renters are protected. Call today to schedule your rental property inspection.

Why choose us to do the inspection?

why choose us

With 20 years experience and thousands of inspections we offer a trusted partner. Our other offerings are below:

  • Keep our inspections available for 10 years.
  • Offer a reduced rate for landlords with multiple rental properties.
  • Carry E & O Insurance to protect our clients.
  • Will work directly with tenants to set up inspection times that work with their schedule.
  • Also offer WDI, Radon and Mold inspections if needed.
  • Highly trained and professional with all aspects of our services.
  • Documentation is very detailed and backed up with a large amount of images of the property and its components.